Biggest Caliber Handgun Ever Made

Here is the biggest caliber handgun ever made. And you thought the .500 S&W Magnum was big?

2 bore pistol

Meet the Stolzer and Sons 2 Bore Pistol. A 2 bore has a bore diameter of 1.325″

2 bore pisto-2

Built 100% from scratch….steel bar and block of Walnut…and lots of hours.

2 bore pistol-1

100% hand made and 100’s of hours.

2 bore pisto-3

Surely one-of-a-kind. I’d love to have one just to have it.

I really love Big Bores.

2 Bore Black Powder Pistol by Colin Stolzer

So what do you think the largest handgun caliber is? 500 S&W Mag?


How about the 1.326″ 2 Bore Handgun? That’s right there is a 2 bore handgun and it was made by the skilled gunsmith…Colin Stolzer. He is very ingenious and a very skilled and experienced gunsmith. He builds amazing guns to say the least.

2 bore black powder pistol

2 bore black powder pistol 2

2 bore black powder pistol 3

I thought at first that the 2 bore handgun was just a conversation piece to hang on the wall or sit on a coffee table but in reality it’s a shooter.

The 2 bore handgun is a caplock style black powder pistol with a 7.250″ barrel and a bore of 1.326″. It’s a back action Dolphin lock and weighs 6.5 lbs. It shoots a 1.300 cast lead round ball. The powder charge is 100 grains. The round ball weighs a mere 3300 grains.

Watch Colin shoot the 2 bore black powder pistol. It’s cool as hell.