Flextone Echo HD Electronic Game Caller

The Flextone Echo HD electronic game caller can enable you to call in game close so you can get a clear shot. Spot and Stalk is much more difficult. Electronic game callers bring game to you. All you need to do is blend in with the terrain and be silent. The game caller will entice game into close proximity to you. Shots are at much close ranges than when you do a spot and stalk.

Electronic game callers come with professionally recorded sounds so you do not have to practice calling. You just setup the game caller and hide. Then wait for game to come to you.

Check out the Flextone Echo HD game caller.

The Flextone Echo HD is a nice electronic game caller that is reasonable priced. It comes with 100 high definition calls and is programmable. The base unit has directional speakers and comes with a remote control that has a range of 300 yards. The base unit and the remote have a backlit LCD display. The Echo HD is water resistant and rubber coated for durability. The batteries are rechargable and are charged via a docking station. The Echo HD game caller only weighs 3 lbs.


FoxPro Spitfire Game Call Review


Electronic game calls are one of the best inventions since the toaster. They allow anyone to call in game effectively without being a master caller with the manual game calls. Manual game calls require quite a bit of practice to become proficient and some never really get the hang of it…like me.

The FoxPro Spitfire electronic game caller can call in game while you sit under cover. All you have to do is control the calls from your remote control and keep an eye out for game. The FoxPro Spitfire stores professionally recorded game calls so you can choose which sound or sounds you want to play. I like leaving the sound creation to the pro’s and let me hunt.

The Spitfire game call has a high end speaker for high performance sound effects. It comes with 24 sounds ranging from coyote howls, screams, to bobcats to fawns, voles and prairie dogs. These are all recorded by professional callers….and they do work!

The TX 24 transmitter gives you full control over the game caller remotely. The remote has an LCD display that shows you the sound you are currently playing and the volume setting. You can pause the sound by using the mute button. When you press the mute button a second time, it starts playing exactly where you left off. The remote control has a range of 100 yards. The remote runs off of a 9 volt battery while the Spitfire game caller runs off of 4 AA batteries. The Spitfire will run for 20 to 24 hours while the remote will last about 100 hours. That’s plenty of hunting time for anyone.

The FoxPro Spitfire stores game calls on a MicroSD card. You can add or delete files as needed. It will play MP3 and WAV files. You can buy extra cards to store more sounds.

FoxPro Spitfire Pros

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Easy to download game calls
  • Excellent wireless remote control range
  • Calls game in very well
  • Compact size
  • High quality construction
  • Loud speaker volume
  • Calls in coyotes like crazy
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use remote
  • Long battery life

FoxPro Spitfire Cons

  • Buy additional accessories to download new sounds
  • Not cheap