Top Cast Bullet Manufacturers

I have bought many cast bullets over the past 20 years and have even manufactured my own custom line under KDM Custom Bullets. There are some good cast bullets and some not so good cast bullets. Some of the cheaper cast bullets were not so good. They were oversized and rough looking not to mention dented.

I’ve used cast bullets in just about every caliber I’ve had from the .357 Mag up to the 50 Alaskan. I love cast bullets. They’re accurate, inexpensive and great for big game.

Montana Bullet Works is a great cast bullet manufacturer. I have bought many bullets from them and was very happy with the quality. I even had them cast some bullets from my own molds. It’s a great company to do business with. I highly recommend them.

Another great cast bullet manufacturer is Beartooth Bullets. They make excellent hard cast bullets for hunting and target practice. You can order the exact diameter you need. Great customer service too. I love their 45-70 Gov’t bullets.

Cast Performance Bullets produce top notch hunting hard cast bullets. These cast bullets are used by some ammunition manufacturers like Buffalo Bore.

Jae-Bok Young makes some of the very best heavyweight cast bullets for the 45-70 Gov’t. The Crater bullets are most likely the best there is in .458. I have used them and they are fantastic.

Hunters Supply Cast Bullets We are very proud to offer the Pentagon Hollow Points “PHP” Bullets for home protection and have added two calibers  this year. This year we are also offering “CSB” Cheap Shooting Bullets with recommended reloading data to offer some cheaper ways to plink.

There are many other cast bullet manufacturers and some are very good but I do not have any experience with them. Try them at your own risk.