30 Caliber Lightweight Belt Fed Machine Guns – FN MK 45 and Russian PKM

The FN MK 48 is a lightweight belt fed .30 caliber machine gun and it’s spectacular in the field. It shoots the 7.62 NATO or .308. It is somewhat heavy at 18 lbs but is still considered lightweight by the military. The MK 48 is gas operated and has a cyclic rate of 750 – 1000 rpm. That’s incredible and very lethal in the field. It is an adaptation of the famous SAW weapon used by the Navy Seals. The Navy Seals have since adopted the FN MK 48.

The Russian PKM is a lightweight belt fed machine gun that is very reliable just like the AK-47. The design is very similar. The PKM is currently in use by Iraq and Afghanistan fighters. It weighs about 20 lbs with a 25 inch barrel. The PKM fires a rimmed case…7.62 x 54R. You would think a rimmed case would not cycle well but it does and very well indeed. It’s rate of fire is 750 rpm. It is a typical Kalashnikov design.

Learn more about these 2 lightweight belt fed machine guns from this video.