Flextone Echo HD Electronic Game Caller

The Flextone Echo HD electronic game caller can enable you to call in game close so you can get a clear shot. Spot and Stalk is much more difficult. Electronic game callers bring game to you. All you need to do is blend in with the terrain and be silent. The game caller will entice game into close proximity to you. Shots are at much close ranges than when you do a spot and stalk.

Electronic game callers come with professionally recorded sounds so you do not have to practice calling. You just setup the game caller and hide. Then wait for game to come to you.

Check out the Flextone Echo HD game caller.

The Flextone Echo HD is a nice electronic game caller that is reasonable priced. It comes with 100 high definition calls and is programmable. The base unit has directional speakers and comes with a remote control that has a range of 300 yards. The base unit and the remote have a backlit LCD display. The Echo HD is water resistant and rubber coated for durability. The batteries are rechargable and are charged via a docking station. The Echo HD game caller only weighs 3 lbs.


Dan Thompson Predator Game Calls Video

Using a hand predator call is a bit more challenging than an electronic game call but it’s not impossible, it just takes practice. There are many predator game calls on the market and some of the better ones are from Dan Thompson.

Dan Thompson has taken over 4,000 coyotes and has put 8 years of development into his predator calls. They are simply some of the best. Some hunters believe these types of calls are more productive than electronic game calls.

Dan Thompson Predator Calls Demonstration Video

Coyote Calls: Electronic and Manual

Coyote calls are a must have if you want to hunt Coyotes or other predators. You simply cannot hunt predators any other way such as spot and stalk or blinds. Predators are simply too smart to be walked up on or stalked. They can hear and/or smell you from a mile away. You have to rely on sound to bring these curious critters to you. Coyotes are very curious and sometimes it gets the better of them. High intelligence gets them into trouble.

Hunting Coyotes is a matter of camouflaging yourself and using a convincing wounded prey call/sound to lure them close enough to get a shot at them. There are various prey sounds that work like wounded rabbit, squealing bird, canine pups, etc. These sounds can be heard by a Coyote from miles away and they will come running. Coyote hunting is a challenging but fun sport full of surprises. You never know what will show up when you are calling, so keep your eyes peeled.

You have 2 choices when looking for Coyote calls or predators calls in general. There are manual calls which are either mouth actuated or hand actuated. These come in many shapes and sizes with many different sounds depending on what works well in your neighborhood. You select the noise you want like squealing rabbit or canine pups. You may need several calls to use while Coyote hunting. Some Coyotes respond to rabbit calls while others do not. Trial and error is the best bet.

Primos is one of the biggest and best know Coyote calls today. They get great reviews all the time and are top sellers. Primos has Coyote Call Packs that contain a few calls and a video to teach you how it’s done by the pro’s. Practice makes perfect and so you will need to devote some time to learn how to call. The best way to tell if you are good is to try it out on Coyotes. Go out and try calling some in. You might be surprised.

The other type of Coyote calls are electronic. These are really cool and I love them and use them. Electronic Coyote calls are basically MP3 players with a large speaker. Call sounds are recorded by professional callers and copied to cards that are installed into the electronic caller and then played.


Hunters Specialties Preymaster Wireless Digital Caller

The game/predator caller has either a wired remote control or a wireless remote. You place the caller or speaker out in a bush and then hide about 50 feet away. You control the caller with the remote control. You can play any of many sounds and control the volume. Some can play 2 sounds at once. Now all you do is wait and see what shows up.

Electronic Coyote calls or predator calls are the easiest to use and are very effective. In my opinion they are well worth the extra money over a manual call.  Many professional predator guides use FoxPro and Primos Predator calls. Just because they work so well. I have used Johnny Stewart and FoxPro Predator calls and would recommend either. Primos also makes excellent electronic Coyote Calls.


Foxpro Firestorm Digital High Performance Call


Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Call Review

If you love predator hunting then you must own an electronic predator call. It makes it so much easier unless you love using manual calls because it takes a lot of practice to get good at it. Electronic calls let the Pro’s do the calling and you the shooting. I much prefer getting out and hunting than playing with a call.

Electronic calls are great. All you do is set them up, get under some cover and turn on the call. Now wait and see what shows up. Get a good pair of binoculars so you can keep an eye out for game.

There are many electronic predator calls on the market like FoxPro and Johnny Stewart. They are both great callers.

Watch this video review on the Johnny Stewart Preymaster and the Primos decoy.

FoxPro Coyote/Predator Calling

I use a FoxPro electronic predator call in the great southwest for Bobcat, Coyote and Fox. I love it too. It’s easy to use and is really effective. I could never get the hang of manual calls. They take a lot of practice and I would rather be hunting.

It is amazing how close you can call game in. I hunt predators with my shotgun and most shots are around 40 yards. I have had fox come right up behind me and scared the crap out of me. I always pack my Glock 21 with me for these close encounters. You just never know what is going to sneak up on you.

Watch how Coyote are called in with FoxPro.

FoxPro Electronic Coyote/Predator Call Video