Glock Sight Installation Tool – Kaiser Uni-Tool

So how much does a gunsmith charge you to install new sights on a handgun?

You could do it yourself and save time. If you have more than one handgun that you want to replace sights on then you might save money too.

Replacing dovetail sights on a Glock or similar handgun is easy…with the right tools.

Sight pushing tools make it easy to remove and replace dovetail sights on a handgun. Kaiser makes a really nice one…the Kaiser Uni-Tool.

Kaiser Sight Installation Tool

The bottom of the fixture is adjustable to securely hold the slide. The top fixture holds the sight and pushes it to one side or the other. As you crank the handle, the sight slides over in the dovetail. You can remove sights and install them.

The Kaiser Uni-Tool costs about $150. It’s a well built tool and works really well. Lenny Magills of GlockStore uses one on his Glocks. I love his GlockStore. He has everything.

The GlockStore does not sell this sight pusher though but Lone Wolf Distributing does.

I think Brownells and Midwayusa may also have it.

Here is the GlockStore video demonstrating how the Kaiser sight pusher tool works. It’s really slick.