Semi Auto Assault Shotgun – VEPR 12 Shotgun

A shotgun is by far the best self defense weapon you can own. One shotshell loaded with buckshot fired from close range will stop an intruder instantly. Buckshot is devastating on humans at close range. Just think about it…9 .30 caliber bullets hitting you all at once. It’s just like getting shot by 9 handguns at once.

Pump action self defense shotguns are by far the most popular but a semi auto assault shotgun has some advantages. A semi auto shotgun is faster to fire, easier to reload and more compact to bring into action. There are 2 semi auto assault type shotguns…the Saiga 12 and the VEPR 12. Both are based on the ultra reliable AK-47 action however the VEPR 12 is a little different.

VEPR 12 shotgun

The VEPR 12 uses the AK-47 action but with some modifications like a swing up dust cover and straight up insert magazine well. The fire controls are also modified. Magazine capacities are 5, 10 and 12.

The VEPR can cycle 12 gauge shotshells as fast as you can pull the trigger. It is pretty amazing.

Watch the VEPR 12 in action.