Trap Shooting Vest

Now that I have a shotgun and have been shooting Trap, I needed a shooting vest to hold shotgun shells more easily. Putting a box on the ground and picking shells up a few at a time is no fun at all.

I have a predator hunting vest but its a little too bulky for Trap shooting. I wanted a simple vest that is light weight and can hold a few boxes of shells.

I have bought Bob Allen products in the past and they are decent quality and priced right. My shotgun case is a Bob Allen and I like it. So I decided to get a Bob Allen 240S Shooting Vest. The price is right and the quality is good. That’s good enough for me.

The Bob Allen Shooting Vest is made from a heavy canvas like material with plenty of pockets for shells and anything else. It fits me nicely and is light weight. The right shoulder is reinforced with a lightly padded material. I like this too because 100 rounds of 12 gauge batters my shoulder. This is a nice vest for shooting clays or even bird hunting.


I bought one from Amazon but you can also get them from Midwayusa too. I think Amazon’s price was lower though.

Bob Allen 240S Shooting Vest – Solid KHAKI RH 240S-30167