Tulammo 7.62×39 Ammo Review

Tulammo ammunition is manufactured in the Tula Cartridge Works plant in Tula, Russia. It was founded in 1880 and is the leading Russian ammunition factory as well as the largest supplier of ammunition worldwide. The plant exports half of what it produces every year.

Tualmmo is imported from Russia and supplies may be limited because of the Executive Order Ban against Russia. Right now inventories are pretty good but it may not last long.

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Tula Cartridge Works has been producing ammunition for over 125 years. If their ammunition was not good, they would not be around today.

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This is the Tulammo 7.62×39 122 grain FMJ ammo. It features a polymer coated steel case and a bimetal bullet. The bimetal bullet has a lead core, mild steel jacket plated with copper. It is not a Steel Core bullet. The core is Lead. The primers are Berdan style and non-corrosive. The steel case and steel bullet jackets are annealed or softened. They will not damage your guns.

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Open box of Tulammo. Paper separators for each row of 5 rounds.

Steel jacketed or bimetal bullets can cause accelerated barrel wear. Depending on how you shoot your gun and what you clean/lubricate it with, you could wear out a rifle barrel in 6,000 rounds or 10,000+. The hotter the barrel gets, the faster it will wear out. Keep it cool and lubricated and it will last much longer.

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Very nice looking ammo. Clean, shiny with no dents, scratches, etc.

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Perfect looking ammo. No bullet jacket shavings around the neck of the case. Case prep eliminates this kind of issue. Nice manufacturing controls.

I have not shot any Tulammo 7.62×39 ammo yet but will in the next week or so. I wanted to see how precise this ammo is by weighing each loaded round and calculating the variance. Most high quality ammo has very little variance in the weight of each component and thus the entire cartridge weight.

Here is the data I collected after weighing each round on my digital powder scale.

20141019 123128

The average weight of the Tulammo 7.62×39 ammo was 252.9 grains. The low was 250.6 grains and the high was 255.3 grains. The low was 2.3 grains and the high was 2.4 grains away from the average. That’s pretty good when you consider that they use volume powder charge equipment to load ammo instead of a powder scale. 2 grains is not much. This tells you that they have good controls in their manufacturing plant.

I’m excited about shooting Tulammo in my new Zastava AK-47. Even more exciting is the price of this ammo. If you buy a case of 1,000 rounds it’s about $260 or $0.26/round. You can’t beat that anywhere.

I also bought some Tulammo in 45 acp for my Glock 21.

I went to the range and shot 5 boxes of 7.62×39 ammo which included some Tulammo. And I have to say that I am totally pleased and excited with Tulammo. It was 100% reliable in my Zastava NPAP Ak-47.


Here are some of the empties. The polymer coated steel cases are pretty clean unlike what I have read. Many have said it was very dirty and covered with black soot. Surely not the case here. My AK-47 was barely dirty after 120 rounds.