Tulammo Steel Case Vs Brass Case 5.56 Torture Test

Does steel cased ammunition harm or wear out firearms?


I love torture tests!!

And here is another one featuring 2 identical Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 rifles firing Tulammo steel cased ammunition (5,000 rounds) and Federal American Eagle brass cased ammo (5,000 rounds). One rifle will fire the Tulammo and the other one Federal American Eagle.

So the question is …Does steel cased ammunition cause more chamber and/or barrel wear than brass cased ammo?

Tulammo and Anderson Manufacturing teamed together to perform a 5,000 round torture test….no cleaning and no lubrication for 5,000 rounds.

After 2,500 and 5,000 rounds both rifles were disassembled and inspected for damage and/or wear.

Here are the details of the test….Steel Cased Vs. Brass Cased Ammo

Here are the results…the throat dimension remained unchanged but the free bore dimension changed by .001″. So the free bore of both rifles increased by .001″.

Steel cased ammunition does not cause more wear on rifle chambers and/or throats than brass cased ammunition.