What Do I Need to Reload 50 BMG?

What do I need to reload the 50 BMG?

That’s an easy question. You need exactly the same tools you would need to reload any cartridge… only bigger.

Here’s what you need to reload the 50 BMG

  1. Large press to handle 1.25″ 50 BMG dies
  2. Set of 50 BMG dies
  3. 50 BMG shell holder
  4. 50 BMG Primer tool
  5. 50 BMG powder
  6. 50 BMG primers
  7. .510 caliber bullets

There are a few manufacturers that make reloading presses for the BMG such as Hornady, Dillon, Lee and RCBS. Most of these are over $400. The most affordable 50 BMG reloading press is the Lee Classic 50 BMG Cast Press. It’s actually a kit (50 BMG Kit) and includes everything except powder, bullets and primers. It costs about $240 for the whole kit.