Wheeler Firearm Torque Wrench

All screws on firearms are designed for a certain amount of torque. If they are tightened too much or over-torqued they can strip/break or apply too much pressure on any one part of the firearm. This is not desirable and can damage the firearm.

wheeler firearm torque wrench

If you under-torque screws, they will not apply enough pressure to hold the parts together which is not desirable either.

It is always best and even critical to apply the correct amount of torque on screws. So how do you do this?

It is almost impossible to correctly torque screws without the aid of a torque wrench. You spent a lot of money on your firearms, so don’t pinch pennies on care/maintenance.

Torque wrenches are pretty inexpensive like the Wheeler Firearm Torque Wrench… but they are more expensive than a screwdriver.

wheeler firearm torque wrench cased

The Wheeler torque wrench has an adjustment range of 10-65 inch pounds. You can accurately measure the amount of torque being applied to screws easily. You set the amount of torque desired and then use it like a screwdriver. You will feel a click when you reach the set amount of torque. It’s that easy.

The large or “fat” wrench body makes it easy to apply more force than your typical screwdriver. It fits your hand really well too.

Click Here to Buy the Wheeler torque wrench which comes with 10 gunsmithing bits and a plastic case.

Scope mounts and stock screws are super critical when it comes to screw/bolt torque. It you strip out the threads of a screw or the threaded firearm/part, it could cost you big bucks to get it fixed.