Wheeler Firearm Torque Wrench


Not only is a set of gunsmith screwdrivers a necessity for any gun owner but a torque wrench is might handy to have as well. When you think about the screws on a firearm or scope that you may take out and replace, it’s important to remember that it is best if you tighten them exactly the same and it’s important to never over-tighten them too. Over tightening screws can strip them or over stress the part it fastens. If screws are unevenly tightened then warpage can occur especially with scope rings and mounts.

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The Wheeler Firearm Torque Wrench allows you to tighten a screw with a predetermined torque so you do not over tighten. You can tighten screws with the exact same amount of torque and never strip them or over stress them. The screwdriver bits are designed specifically for firearms and fit perfectly. There is also a socket hex bit.

The Wheeler Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is also a must have. Don’t use regular screwdrivers, they will strip out the screw heads.

There are 89 pieces in this gunsmith screwdriver set. Everything you will ever need.

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