Wolf WPA 7.62×39 Military Classic Ammo Review

Let’s set something straight here about Wolf Ammunition. Wolf does not manufacture ammunition but imports it from many countries and many ammunition plants (Tulammo, Barnaul, etc). They package it under their own brand.

Wolf Performance Ammunition or WPA ammunition is mostly manufactured by Tula Cartridge Plant in Tula, Russia. Tula Cartridge Plant was founded in 1880 and is one of the largest ammunition plants in the world.

However WPA Military Classic ammunition is manufactured by Barnaul. I looked at the head stamp on the steel case and it matches the cases of Brown Bear ammo from Barnaul. Other Wolf ammunition has Wolf stamped on the case.

20141018 142508

WPA Military Classic ammunition is polymer coated steel cased to prevent corrosion and to assist with smooth feeding and easy extraction. Wolf previously used a lacquer coating but negative publicity about the lacquer melting and causing cases to stick in the chamber caused them to make some changes. The lacquer coating does not melt nor make cases stick in the chamber. It is still used by some ammunition manufacturers like Klimovsk and Golden Tiger and works very well.

20141018 142516

20141018 142546

Packaging is very nice. 20 rounds are stacked and wrapped with brown paper and stapled on each end.

20141018 142601

20141018 142811

20 rounds of WPA Military Classic 7.62×39 unwrapped.

20141018 142905

Quality is excellent. Cases are perfect..no scratches, dents, blemishes, etc.

20141018 142912

20141018 142948

These are 124 grain bimetal soft points. The bimetal bullets are steel jacketed with copper plating. The core of the bullet is lead. Notice there is no bullet shavings at the case mouth. I see some ammo with copper shavings at the case mouth. This is caused by improper case preparation.

20141018 142930

.20141018 142956

The primers are Berdan and non-corrosive

Really nice ammo. I was not expecting it to be this nice looking, at $7.00/box. If you buy a case of 1,000 rounds the price drops to $.23/round instead of $.35/round.

Here is where I bought this ammo. Great prices, inventory and fast shipping.

I went one step further in my visual inspection/review on WPA Military Classic 7.62×39 ammo. I weigh each loaded round to see what kind of variances there might be. High quality ammo has very little variances in weight of the components.

I used a digital powder scale to weigh each loaded round.

20141019 123133

Here is the data.

The average weight of the WPA Military Classic 7.62×39 ammo was 252.97 grains. The low was 250.8 grains and the high was 254.4 grains. The low was 2.17 grains from the average while the high was only 1.43 grains away from the average. That’s pretty darn good. Consider all of the components in one loaded round and 1 to 2 grains is nothing. A bullet alone can be 1 grain heavier than its reported weight. Cases can also be 1 or 2 grains apart.

As soon as I receive my Zastava AK-47, I will be shooting this ammo for accuracy and reliability.

Here is a demonstration of Wolf 5.56 ammunition in various AR-15 type rifles. 100% reliability.