Zastava M70 N-PAP and O-PAP AK-47 Rifles

One of the better AK-47 rifles is the Serbian or Zastava M70. Serbia used to be Yugoslavia. There are 2 different Zastava M70 rifles, the O-PAP and the N-PAP. So what is the difference?

I read some threads on various forums to find out what the difference is, if any, between these 2 designations. Of course everyone has his/her own opinion on firearms so I kept digging. Here is what I found.

The M70 O-PAP has original military furniture and a heavier receiver. I believe the receiver thickness of the N-PAP is 1.0 mm while the O-PAP is 1.5 mm. The weight of the O-PAP is 8.8 lbs while the N-PAP is 7.8 lbs. You can see the difference in the receivers by looking for the bulging trunnion right underneath the bolt handle on O-PAP. The N-PAP does not have this. They are different receivers for sure. The N-PAP has new wood/polymer furniture but has a much lighter receiver. I read that the O-PAP has the RPK receiver which is much thicker and heavier. Both versions look really nice and are excellent quality.

My choice is going to be the M70 O-PAP. I like the heavier receiver.

zastava m70 o-pap

zastava m70 o-pap2

Zastava M70 O-PAP AK-47 Rifle

zastava m70 n-pap

Zastava M70 N-PAP AK-47 Rifle

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