Best Tactical Pants for Everyday Wear 2016

The best tactical pants for everyday wear that I have bought are the 5.11 Stryke Pants with Flex-Tac. I have bought several other tactical pants from other makers like Condor, Prepper, and Blackhawk and none of them are as well made as the 5.11 Stryke pants nor do the others fit as well. I wear the 5.11 Stryke pants almost everyday for work.

The 5.11 Stryke pants are way heavier. They are machine washable too. If you want a serious pair of tactical pants then buy these. They are not cheap…$75 at

These are my black 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants. The are the best tactical pants i have owned. If you hold anotehr brand of tactical pants in one hand and the 5.11 Stryke pants in the other, you will immediately know which are the better tactical pants. The 5.11 Tactical Stryke pants are much heavier.

The photos look lighter than they really are. These tactical pants are very dark black in person. Anyway, The front waist is fastened with a very heavy duty snap and a secondary button fastener.

Here is the front of the waist button snap fastener. It’s nicely designed and very secure once snapped. Notice the Rip-Stop fabric. You can see the fibers running up and down. The Rip-Stop fabric used in these tactical pants is excellent.

Here an inside view of the button snap and the secondary button fastener. The smap is solid metal and heavy duty. The secondary button fastener is stitched heavily and is not going anywhere. Nice job!

The fly zipper is metal and heavy duty also.

The thick belt looks are wide and securely sewn. You could most likely suspend your body from just one of these belt loops.

There are 2 small slip pockets, one of each side where you can store small items like pens, utility knife, wrist watch etc.

On each side is a large side pocket. These pockets are well designed and are almost invisible when the opening is closed. There is plenty of room for keys, security badges, money clip, cell phone, small flashlights. The side pockets are very deep.

On the front of the 5.11 Tactical Stryke pants are 2 large cargo style pockets with flap. These are the bread and butter of tactical pants. These front cargo pockets are huge with double Velcro fasteners. Notice the flap over. It is double stitched for strength and durability. The flap is also very stylish and looks great.

Here’s a closeup of the cargo pocket cover with double Velcro fasteners. The Velcro fasteners are heavy duty and have a very aggressive grip. It takes a good amount of force to open the fasteners. There is not way these will open accidentally. The cargo pocket also has an expansion fold which allows it to hold oversize items like a box of ammo or other large items. The flap lays perfectly flat when secured closed. First class all the way.

Let’s now move to the backside of the 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants.

Here’s the backside view. Notice the 3 heavy duty and wide belt loops along with the 2 side loops. I love having 3 belt loops in the back. It holds the waistline more evenly instead of letting it bunch up or sag. There are 2 rear pockets that are secured with double Velcro fasteners. They are deep and wide. The pockets themselves are invisible with only the flaps being visible. Another very nice styling feature.

Here’s the wide and super heavy duty belt loops. I love these. They are all double stitched and extremely secure.

Again very nice style. The pocket flaps are double stitched with very nice styling.

Here’s the left rear pocket. They are wide and deep. Pefection.

Let’s take a look at the legs. Here’s where these tactical pants excel. There is a separate piece of Rip-Stop that is sewn in the pant legs to make the knee area. So why? Well it makes it easy to bend your knees with it pulling on the pant leg. They way it’s designed is fantastic. You have wear a pair in order to see and feel how cool this is.

Here’s the top of the knee section. It makes the knee area more spacious for your knees.

Here’s the bottom sew line of the special knee section. It’s doesn’t look that special in the photo but when you wear them, you will notice.

I bought them for work because they look professional and are made to last with plenty of pockets to store stuff. The material is rip-stop which is a material that does not tear if cut or punctured. It’s super tough and durable. The pockets are very functional and heavily stitched. The legs fit perfectly and are very comfortable. You can feel the difference between these and others like the Condor tactical pants.

Let’s take a look at my other 2 pairs of tactical pants.

5.11 Tactical Pants ( not the Stryke)

5.11 makes many tactical pants like the Stryke, Defender-Flex, Apex, Taclite Pro, etc. I own the Stryke and the regular Tactical Pants from 5.11 Tactical. The Stryke tactical pants are superior to the regular Tactical Pants.

These are the 5.11 Tactical Pants. They are not quite as nice as the Stryke but they are $25 cheaper and made very well. These are gray in color. The waist line on both pants have elastic in the sides but the Stryke pants has a much nicer elastic. The plain 5.11 Tactical pants have elastic sections that bunch up more and do not look as nice. You can see the elastic sections on the right and left sides.

Here’s a wider angle view of the 5.11 Tactical pants. They don’t have the “clean” appearance of the Stryke pants.

The inside tag is nice and well done. It’s easy to read and will last as long as the pants do.

On the right side belt loop there is a utility ring where you can attach items with a clip or ring like keys, flashlight, knife, etc. It’s fastened securely with double stitching. A nice feature and is not found on the Stryke pants.

Notice how wide the belt loops are. I prefer wide belt loops. It’s more sturdy and looks better. The belt loops are all double stitched too. You can notice the elastic waist section here. It’s not that appealing but very functional.

The waist is secured with a very nice heavy duty snap fastener and it’s metal too. I prefer metal hardware on clothing although some of the polymer belt buckles are very nice. I do have a tactical belt with a polymer buckle. It’s really nice.

The fly zipper is all metal and heavy duty. I have had nylon zippers on some clothing in the past and it’s bad news. They always fail. This metal zipper is double stitched as is everything on these tactical pants.

…and the other half of the snap fastener. You can see the fastener is heavy duty.

On the front left side of the 5.11 Tactical pants is a single small flap covered pocket for small items like pens, pen flashlights, keys, etc. It’s secured with Velcro.

Here’s the flap on the front small left side pocket. Velcro fastener works very well.

On the other side is a single slit type pocket. This is ideal for narrow but long objects like knives, pens, flashlights, multi-tools and other tools. It looks nice and is very functional.

And of course there are 2 large flap secured cargo style pockets. They are large but not very deep. They also have an expansion flap to allow over-sized items to be stored inside. Double stitching secures the pockets tot he pants and prevents unraveling or pocket failures.

The cargo pockets are designed with a double Velcro fastener to secure the pocket. The Velcro used is very aggressive and requires some serious pulling to open. You don’t want these pockets to open accidentally.

There are 2 side hidden pockets. These are wide and deep and can store tons of items from cell phones and small tablets to car keys and wallets. The rear pockets are also the “hidden” type pocket instead of the flap covered pockets. I do like these but there are not as nice as those on the Stryke pants.

Here is the backside of the 5.11 Tactical pants. The 2 rear pockets are slit type hidden pockets. They are very wide and deep. The rope looking strap on the right side can be used to hold items with a clip. I don’t really care for it and do not use it. It could also server as an anchor for long items placed int eh rear pocket that stick up and out of the pocket.

The 3 rear belt loops are wide and well placed. I love these.

The 5.11 Tactical Pants are very nice and I do wear them to work a lot. They are not as nice as the Stryke pants but they were $25 less and serve well from a functional standpoint. They fit very well and allow you to run, kneel, crawl, jump and just about any other body movement. The knee sections are designed exactly like the Stryke pants and are marvelous to move in.

Condor Tactical Pants

Now let’s look at the Condor tactical pants.

These are the Condor Tactical Pants. They have an elastic waistline like the 5.11 tactical pants but not quite as nice. It bunches up much more even though they are the same size. There are 2 front belt loops and 2 side belt loops. The fabric is also Rip-Stop. The Condor pants are black.

Condor Tactical Pants tag and logo.

Here’s the waist button fastener. It’s metal and heavy duty with Condor label. You can see the Rip-Stop fibers in the fabric. There is nothing like Rip-Stop fabric for combat/tactical clothing. It’s super tough and very comfortable to wear.

The fly zipper is also metal and pretty heavy duty. It should last for many years. It’s double stitched also. The one thing I really like about the Condor zipper is the lever/handle on the zipper is very large and easy to grab. It’s much larger than the 5.11 zipper handle.

The waist button fastener is a BUTTON and not a snap like the 5.11 tactical pants. I prefer a snap over a button. You can see the button eyelet here. You can also see the stitching which is very good on the Condor pants.

The cargo style pockets look great closed. Nice and streamlined.

There are 2 cargo style pockets with flap cover on each side. They are fastened with Velcro in the center only. The flap is sewn on each side which makes the flap unable to flip open completely. You have to fight against the flap when you put something in this pocket. It’s works but it’s a little different.

There are also 2 slit opening side pockets on the front and back. They are fairly wide but not deep. They are a little too shallow for my liking.

The 2 rear slit type pockets and hidden. It’s a nice design and makes access very easy. These are very useful pockets with a good design.

OK…here’s where Condor excels…the knees are freakin AWESOME. The knee fabric section is sort of rounded to the shape of a knee. It feels great and allows any type of knee movement. This is perfection.

Here’s the center of the knee on the Condor Tactical Pants. It doesn’t get any more comfortable than this.

The Condor Tactical Pants are fairly good tactical pants. They are made with good quality which means they will most likely last for many years but they just are not as nice as the 5.11 Stryker pants. I’m make lots of decisions on products because of the appearance and then quality. If it’s ugly, I most likely will not buy it. I would not buy another pair of Condor Tactical pants. The Condor pants do not fit as well as the 5.11 pants. They are too baggy in the waist and crouch area. The legs however are very good. The Condor Tactical Pants cost about $40.00.