Shooting Chrony F1 Bullet Chronograph

You never really know what velocity you are getting from your gun unless you measure it with a bullet chronograph. There are hundreds of variables that have an effect on muzzle velocity such as barrel length, action type, weather conditions, primer, powder, powder charge, bullet, brass, chamber dimensions, etc.

A bullet chronograph calculates the velocity by measuring the time it takes the bullet to pass over 2 screens. It’s very accurate and easy to use. The display shows you the velocity after each shot.

Shooting Chrony F1 Bullet Chronograph

The Shooting Chrony F1 is a great bullet chronograph and very inexpensive. I have used one in the past and loved it. It’s really neat to see what velocities you are getting when handloading.

Johnny Stewart Bloodhound Electronic Game Caller

Electronic game callers make it easier to get close to game. Spot and stalk is very hard with wary game like coyotes, mountain lion, fox and turkey. Electronic game callers allow you to sit or stand in cover while game is called in by a professionally recorded call. Anyone can be successful as long as you are camouflaged and stay silent.

Electronic game calls are remotely operated so you can place the speaker 10 – 20 yards away. They come with many calls and you can always buy more.

Johnny Stewart is one of the best game callers available. They have been making game calls for a really long time. I have used several of their game callers with total satisfaction and I still use them today.

Johnny Stewart bloodhound ecaller

One of the newest game callers from Johnny Stewart is the Blolodhound. The Johnny Stewart Bloodhound is a remote controlled caller that is very user friendly, even a novice can operate it with total confidence. The Bloodhound comes with 50 sound files so you will be able to call in all sorts of game. The omni directional speaker has exceptional volume and sound quality. The handset is preset with 4 sounds and has a range of 200 yards. The Bloodhound can play 2 sounds at the same time. The storage capacity is 2GB which is a lot of sound files.

Here is a link to an online store where you can buy the Johnny Stewart Bloodhound Electronic Game Caller.

DefendEar Digital Hearing Protection for Shooting and Hunting

DefendEar Digital hearing protection from Westone Laboratories provides a comfortable modular earpiece that attenuates loud sounds while allowing normal sound to pass through. The DefendEar earpiece fits inside your ear like a hearing aide. No need for those bulky over-the-head ear muffs. DefendEar offers 3 models, Digital 1 which is perfect for all around shooting, Digital 2 for target shooting and field shooting and DefendEar Hunter which adds a wind noise reduction feature. All models are interchangeable with custom made silicone earpieces.


DefendEar Digital Hearing Protection