Wheeler Hammer and Brass Punch Set

If you like to work on your own guns then you know how handy a brass punch set is…and a plastic hammer too.

Wheeler makes a really nice hammer and brass punch set for under $30. Firearms all have pins in them and the best way to remove them without marring or damaging them is with a brass punch or composite punch.

The Wheeler punch set has 8 brass punches, 2 steel punches and 2 composite punches plus a double sided brass/polymer head hammer. The plastic case keeps everything in place and organized.

Wheeler Punch Set

Wheeler Punch Set-1

This is a must have for anyone wanting to work on firearms. Do not use steel punches on firearms…you will damage the surface and you will regret it

Weaver Gunsmith Hammer and Punch Set

Only use brass/steel punches and brass/plastic hammers on firearms. You do not want to damage any parts on your gun. Gunsmith hammer and punch sets are cheap and will make taking apart firearms much easier without any damage. Don’t use nails as punches, you will damage your gun.


This Weaver Gunsmith hammer and punch set comes with the following:

  • 8 steel punches
  • Gunsmith hammer with brass and plastic faces
  • Plastic case