Glow Shot Handgun Targets

I love targets that are easy to see when I’m shooting. I really like Shoot N-C targets but they are very expensive. Regular black and white paper targets are fine but it’s difficult to see where your shots are going and so hard to adjust your aim or sights. I found an answer though…

Glow Shot targets are the best handgun targets that I have found that make it easy to see where you’re shooting and make shooting more fun…and are pretty cheap too. So what do I mean by cheap?…well how about $25 for a package of 75 targets? I think that’s a deal and I buy these all the time. A 75 pack will last me 5 or 6 shooting sessions depending on how many rounds I shoot.

These are multi colored targets that show a lighter color (yellow) underneath the black target. When a bullet passes through the target, the black color is blown off leaving the yellow underneath. It is very easy to see your bullets hit and where your group is compared to the bullseye. It sure makes it easier to practice with a handgun or even a short range rifle like a tactical shotgun or slug gun.