Shoot N C from Birchwood Casey 6″ Reactive Targets

A 6 inch target is perfect for self defense practice. A 6 inch circle is the “kill zone” on an average human. If you can draw a weapon and hit the 6″ circle then you are ready to defend yourself.

I really like and only use splatter type or reactive targets for close quarters shooting. I like to see exactly where I’m placing my shots while I’m shooting. Reactive type targets such as Shoot NC and Glow Shots targets. They are inexpensive but really help you shoot well. It is very easy to make corrections when you see where each shot is going. You no longer have to wait for a cease fire to see where your bullets are going.

Shoot N C Targets

60 – Pk. Birchwood Casey® Shoot – N – C® Self – Adhesive 6″ X – Bull Target Sheets


Glow Shot Targets

Glow Shot 60 Pack – 6″ Reactive Splatter Targets


Ameristep Brickhouse Hunting Blind

The Ameristep Brickhouse hunting blind enables you to hunt without spooking game. You can call game in close while hidden inside this roomy camo blind. Just sit and wait for game to wander by. It also protects you from foul weather like rain, sleet and snow because of its unique roofing

The Brickhouse blind is easy to setup and take down. All you have to do is pull it out of its packed state and stand it up. It’s that easy. Fiberglass poles keep the blind upright while stakes secure it down. There are 10 mesh windows that allow you to shoot through. The brickhouse blind comes with a backpack case. It measures 75″ x 75″ x 66″ unfolded and 12″ x 46″ packed up. The weight is 18 lbs.


Weaver Gunsmith Hammer and Punch Set

Only use brass/steel punches and brass/plastic hammers on firearms. You do not want to damage any parts on your gun. Gunsmith hammer and punch sets are cheap and will make taking apart firearms much easier without any damage. Don’t use nails as punches, you will damage your gun.


This Weaver Gunsmith hammer and punch set comes with the following:

  • 8 steel punches
  • Gunsmith hammer with brass and plastic faces
  • Plastic case

Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Call Review

If you love predator hunting then you must own an electronic predator call. It makes it so much easier unless you love using manual calls because it takes a lot of practice to get good at it. Electronic calls let the Pro’s do the calling and you the shooting. I much prefer getting out and hunting than playing with a call.

Electronic calls are great. All you do is set them up, get under some cover and turn on the call. Now wait and see what shows up. Get a good pair of binoculars so you can keep an eye out for game.

There are many electronic predator calls on the market like FoxPro and Johnny Stewart. They are both great callers.

Watch this video review on the Johnny Stewart Preymaster and the Primos decoy.

Bulldog AR-15 Assault Rifle Case

When I had a Smith & Wesson M&P 15, I cased it with a Bulldog Assault Rifle Case. It is a well made soft case that floats and has great padding to protect your firearm.

The Bulldog case is made from thick heavy duty nylon that is water resistant. The zipper is fill length and heavy duty also. You can feel that it is made to last and stand up to abuse. The inside is a padded brushed tricot lining. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and an outside pocket that holds 4 AR-15 magazines. It holds the magazines securely.

I bought one in OD and it looked great. I bought the 40 inch one for my M4 AR-15 and it fit perfectly. I really like the Bulldog case. Very nice product.

I give the Bulldog Assault Gun Case 5 stars. It is well made and I could not find anything about it that I did not like. The price is great also. Bulldog-assault-rifle-case

I definitely recommend it for anyone needing a M4 rifle soft case.

Best price and selection is at Amazon but you can also get one at

Glow Shot Handgun Targets

I love targets that are easy to see when I’m shooting. I really like Shoot N-C targets but they are very expensive. Regular black and white paper targets are fine but it’s difficult to see where your shots are going and so hard to adjust your aim or sights. I found an answer though…

Glow Shot targets are the best handgun targets that I have found that make it easy to see where you’re shooting and make shooting more fun…and are pretty cheap too. So what do I mean by cheap?…well how about $25 for a package of 75 targets? I think that’s a deal and I buy these all the time. A 75 pack will last me 5 or 6 shooting sessions depending on how many rounds I shoot.

These are multi colored targets that show a lighter color (yellow) underneath the black target. When a bullet passes through the target, the black color is blown off leaving the yellow underneath. It is very easy to see your bullets hit and where your group is compared to the bullseye. It sure makes it easier to practice with a handgun or even a short range rifle like a tactical shotgun or slug gun.