Shoot N C from Birchwood Casey 6″ Reactive Targets

A 6 inch target is perfect for self defense practice. A 6 inch circle is the “kill zone” on an average human. If you can draw a weapon and hit the 6″ circle then you are ready to defend yourself.

I really like and only use splatter type or reactive targets for close quarters shooting. I like to see exactly where I’m placing my shots while I’m shooting. Reactive type targets such as Shoot NC and Glow Shots targets. They are inexpensive but really help you shoot well. It is very easy to make corrections when you see where each shot is going. You no longer have to wait for a cease fire to see where your bullets are going.

Shoot N C Targets

60 – Pk. Birchwood Casey® Shoot – N – C® Self – Adhesive 6″ X – Bull Target Sheets


Glow Shot Targets

Glow Shot 60 Pack – 6″ Reactive Splatter Targets